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Sinach: Biography, Ministry, And Songs Of An Anointed Gospel Singer

Sinach is a Nigerian born award-winning gospel musician, songwriter, vocalist, and an international worship leader, whose songs have become anthems in several homes and churches around the world.
Sinach Background

Osinachi Egbu Joseph (née Kalu) was born on the 30th of March 1973, in Ebonyi State, as the second child of her parents. She had her early education at her village in Ebonyi State, Nigeria. After obtaining her WAEC certificate, Sinach went on to study physics at the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Sinach got married to Mr Joseph Egbu in 2014, and they are blessed with a lovely child.

Her parents have always been her role model, so she got her tenacity and deep love for people and God from her father. The anointed gospel singer also possesses her mother’s wisdom, ability to organize, create things, and see beyond the ordinary. She describes Pastor Chris Oyakhilome as her mentor, life coach, and spiritual father.

Sinach Career

Sinach started singing as a hobby in 1989. Also, she began writing songs when she was 19 years old. At the time, she was just a member of the church choir who had no idea that one day she would go global with her music.

Before she actively became a music minister, Sinach was working as an administrative staff at the Believers Loveworld Church. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, helped her commence her music career, by asking her to take the worship before he teaches.

He also speaks words of affirmation and confidence to her. These words made her believe in herself. Her first album was officially releases in 2008.

Thus far, Sinach has written over 200 songs and has won several awards from across the world. She has also performed at concerts in over 50 countries including Kenya, Dominica, South Africa, United States, Canada, Antigua and Barbuda, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Grenada, Uganda, Barbados, The British Virgin Islands, Zambia, Saint Maarten, the United Kingdom, and India. Her songs minister healing, hope, and encouragement.

Sinachi’s Albums

*Chapter One – 2008

*I’m Blessed – 2011

*Shout it Loud – 2012

*From Glory to Glory – 2013

*Sinach at Christmas – 2013

*Sinach Live in Concert – The Name of Jesus – 2014

*He Did It Again – 2015

*Waymaker – Live – 2016

*There’s an Overflow – 2018

*Best of Sinach – 2018

*Great God (Live in London) – 2019

Sinachi’s Songs

*Awesome God – 2008

*The Presence of The Lord – 2008

*"Fire In Me – 2008

*Because You Live – 2008

*This is Your Season – 2008

*Jesus is Alive – 2011

*You Do Mighty Things – 2011

*I Know Who I Am – 2013

*Precious Jesus – 2013

*From Glory To Glory – 2013

*Glory to God – 2013

*Great Are You Lord – 2013

*With All My Heart – 2013

*All I See is You – 2013

*I Humbly Bow – 2013

*The Name of Jesus – 2014

*I Stand Amazed – 2014

*Dance in the Holy Ghost – 2014

*Nothing is Impossible – 2014

*Rejoice – 2014  

*He Did It Again – 2015

*You Are So Good – 2016

*Way Maker – 2016

*Le nom de Jesus – 2016

*I Fly – 2016

*There’s An Overflow – 2018

*Matchless Love – 2018

*Shout it Loud – 2018

*You are a Wonder – 2018

*I Worship You, Great Are You – 2018

*Omemma – 2019

Sinachi’s Quotes

“It is illegal for Satan to charge you twice for what Jesus has already paid for!! He already paid for your health, wealth and all!!! Go!!!”

“You have to come to the full realization that you are in charge of your seasons!!”

“Refuse to be pulled down by the voices of condemnation and fear around you! Let the voice of God through His Word be the loudest voice in your ear.”

“If you are a man or a woman, surround yourself with people who speak the word of God over your life and if you don’t have those kinds of people, surround yourself with the Word of God and make it the loudest voice in your ears!”

“You must come to the point where you are content being unmarried. Then you would find a man with the same purpose as you. But if you are not content being unmarried, it is unlikely that you would be content being married, because your contentment doesn’t come from being married or unmarried…”

“…The key is to be content with where God has placed you because your happiness isn’t coming from your husband or anywhere else, but your joy, happiness, and fulfilment will come from the calling that God has upon your life.”

“The secret of happiness is in fulfilling the things that God has placed in your heart.”

“Putting your life in God’s hand doesn’t mean you should not be diligent; improve yourself and seek to become the best at what you do. Quality and excellence are important ingredients for success, and they are products of diligence.”

Awards And Nominations of Sinach

Song of the year Award – 2008

Songwriter of the Decade Award at the Loveworld International Music and Arts Awards (LIMA) – 2016

Groove Awards Western Africa Artist Of The Year – 2016

African Achievers’ Award for Global Excellence – 2016

Nigerian Entertainment Award for Inspirational Artist – 2017

Best International Artiste of the year at the Sterling Gospel Music Awards – 2017

Top 100 Influential Christians in Nigeria – 2019

Song of the Year Award at the Loveworld International Music and Arts Awards (LIMA) – 2019

Africa Gospel Female Artist of the Year nominee at the Africa Gospel Award – 2019  

PulseNg named Sinach as their No.1 female artiste of the decade – 2019

Africa Gospel Artist of the Year nominee at the Africa Gospel Award – 2019

Nominated at the Africa Gospel Award for the Africa Gospel Worship Artist of the Year – 2019

Life Lesson From Sinach

Close Relationship With God

Sinach had always submitted herself to God. She takes out time to listen to him speak concerning situations and what songs to perform at a concert. Her songs also come from the inspiration of the Holy spirit, the word of God and teachings of her Pastor. She can hear God speak because she has a close-knitted relationship with Him.

In fulfilling your life’s course, always put God first, take out time to study God’s word, and develop a close relationship with him.

Mentors are Important

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome had been Sinach’s mentor since she was a little girl. He always encouraged her and spoke greatness into her life. She believed until it became a reality.

It is important to have a mentor, be it from a distance or close, because who we listen to and look up to has a way of affecting and influencing our lives positively or negatively.

Photo Credit: @therealsinach (Instagram)