There is nothing good in poverty, more good is done with money than without.


Dr Paul enenche

When there was no resources in the Church, they used to say as poor as church rat, today, nobody can say that because rats can’t survive here. That was how they used to refer to the Church in those days because poverty was synonymous with spirituality.

Look at what the Bible said, the poor man's voice is not heard:

Ecclesiastes 9:16 Then said I, Wisdom is better than strength: nevertheless THE POOR MAN'S WISDOM IS DESPISED, and his words are not heard.

- a poor church's wisdom is despised

- poor members' wisdom is despised

That is why the devil wants to keep the Church poor and keep the people of the Church poor so that when you talk, they will say "what are these ones talking? It is only clap they know how to clap"

But those days are over forever!

God will bless you and put you in charge of your realm, in charge of the financial realm, in charge of the Oil and Gas realm, in charge of the Academic area, where you are, they will place you in charge of the Agricultural sector and place you in charge of your field or industry, that nobody can say "what is this one saying?"


Dr. Paul Enenche finished his crusade in Port Harcourt on Saturday night and by Sunday morning he was in Glory Dome Abuja for Sunday service. 

David Ibiyeomie once said jet is not a luxury but a necessity. You will never see poverty in Jesus name.