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Salvation Testimony Of Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche!

Salvation Testimony Of Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche!

Excerpts From Power Communion Service 12th May 2021

Dr. Paul Enenche' Voice

35 years ago, exactly 35 years on the 12th of May 1986 by 2am in the night, I had an encounter with the Lord, where He said "If You Die Now, Where Are You Going?" And I said I am not sure, He said "You Have To Be Sure Now." Before that time, for one week I had the fear of death, as if I was going to die anytime, one full week, for no just cause, I was afraid of death. He said "But You Can Be Sure Now, He said What Is Keeping You From Making Jesus Lord Over Your Life" I had come to the Lord in the late 70s, 1979 and fasted for 3 days, but as a young man I didn't really know what they were doing, then slided back and then in 1986, it lasted till about 4am, about 4am around that time, I said "Here I Am" he said "What Will You Lose If You Serve Me?" And I looked to find what I will lose, I couldn't find "What Will You Lose, Is It Friends, Is It Drink? "I couldn't point one thing that I will lose, so I realised there would be no loss, I said the only thing I saw that I will lose was frustration, hang over, the only thing I will lose was eternity in Hell, ndepotv. 

That day the deal was sealed, that if you follow me there is nothing to lose except Hell, my friends said oh we give you six weeks, you will join us back, may be he is afraid of exam, I was in the high institution, or may be he saw a girl in the fellowship and he said he has repented so he can go after the girl, six weeks has not come after 35 years. 

So this day is a day for me of spiritual rebirth, and this day will be a day for someone that will be memorable ndepotv. God will do something in your life that you will live to remember. I had grown up in the way of the Lord, but I was struggling to miss road and my mother said "don't struggle, you can't missed, you can't missed road, even though I was very very rugged and I could dear anything, but God didn't allow me to dear some things, there was always a hold back, always a pull back, immorality life pulled back, Indian hemp, even tabacco pulled back, I couldn't do any of those things, but I was just rugged, my friends will never believe that some of the things they did, I couldn't do, they won't believe, but there was a restraining force. That night I will never forget when I woke up in the morning, it was as if the whole world has changed, brand new world, I looked for the nearest fellowship around the corner, it was a Deeper Life Campus Fellowship, I rushed there, clean the chairs inside, and stood out as an usher and began to welcome people to service for the first time ndepotv, and I have not loss anything yet, will never lose anything except what He told me I will lose, HELL FIRE

All the people who said they gave me six weeks, I don't know there address now, I don't know if some are alive now, without any doubt, there is none in front in any realm, there is not one in front in any realm. 

I want to announce to somebody today ndepotv, God will do something memorable in your life that will last for time and eternity, He will put a stamp of His Presence, a stamp of His Help, a stamp of His Mercy, He will put it upon your life that will change your story, if you are saying Amen, say it like a Believer." 

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