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Bishop David Oyedepo at Mid-week Communion Service


Can we lift up our 2 hands to Heaven and bless the name of the Lord for the privilege to be alive and be a partaker of this ongoing wave of glory. 

Give Him thanks and praise, give Him glory and honour, celebrate Him in Jesus precious name we have given thanks. 

Somebody was guided here in 2015 at a suicidal point of his life, 2 sons nowhere to be found. Went bankrupt, all properties sold. Jesus rescued him. I've said over and again, we're on a rescue mission, we're not on a Church growth craze mission. I saw a need for the liberation of mankind from all oppression of the devil. Jesus rescued Him by loving what we stand for. First son came back, they began engaging in soul winning together. Overaged daughter got married, completed 5 flats and then he's building another one. He wasn't lucky, he was connected. 

Now Ovarian cyst, tumor. "I reminded God of my engagement, I caught a Word from the altar and everything reversed". These signs shall follow them that believe.

- Grace to connect maximally in the ongoing operation by all means , go ahead and receive it. - - Grace for strong connectivity receive that tonight. 

Now ask Him to speak to you tonight everyone. Please pray. I want to hear from you Jesus tonight, speak to me. Church Gist.Send me my own Word tonight. He sent His Word unto Jacob and turned his life around 360 degrees. Ask God for your own encounter tonight.

When the Word for Joseph came, he enjoyed multiple change of levels, set him free from prison, made him Lord over Pharoahs house, he became a ruler in the Land. Thank You Jesus in Jesus precious name we have prayed. Amen. 

Someone can be walking here at Covenant University, maybe a gardener, he can do that for 50 years, that will not entitle him to a degree. He has to register and have qualifications. Now two of them can be there as gardeners, one has finished his O level, has finished his A level and registered, now a first degree, a second degree, a third degree, the other one is still at the same spot. 

It's high time you registered and not be counting days. It's high time you registered as a faithful steward of Jesus. It's high time you choose to register in the school of stewardship that changes people's story. "Choose ye this day whom ye shall serve". 

I made my choice long before I was called to ministry. In 1976 I made a choice to make Jesus my reason for living. Believed God to go out, believed God to come in. I love everything He stands for. I still sleep like a baby, ready to be with Jesus any day. 

Don't fake it. Membership is not substitute for stewardship. There are many people called who are struggling with life. There are many apostles that are genuinely called. 

- Somebody's story is changing.

Whatever a man is doing that won't let him beg for these number of years please check it. That won't let him borrow, check it. Church Gist.That won't let him manipulate, check it. There are many people in this Church that have gone on that frequency and are just flying. You better make your choice. It's high time you registered in the school of Kingdom stewardship.

Give Jesus a big hand of praise.

You know the father always chastises the son that he loves. Wake up and take responsibility. We're in the days of the rise of giants and they won't rise by wishes. Thank You Jesus.


Revival took place in the valley of dry bones and we saw signs and wonders in full scale manifestation. The bones came together. That is a prophetic Scripture on revival. 

- Whatever has shut anybody in, my God will blasts the gates open. 

Let me hear your amen.

That's why revival is a season of divine opportunity for dramatic change of story both for the Church and for the people of God who are spiritually dedicated to the demands of a revival. 

Revival is a spiritually, laboured, demanding season. A prophetic Word came that brought revival to Judah and in 

2nd Chronicles 15:7

A mighty revival broke out and the Lord gave them rest round about. All round rest as they took responsibility. 

What's the work of a revival? 

1- Salvation of souls. Bringing life to lifeless people. 

Habakkuk 3:13

So every revival is a move towards the salvation of people. It's work. Which work?

1- Prayer work. 

Psalms 2:8

If you're not in prayer, you're not in revival. You cannot partake in the virtues of the place where you're not registered. You cannot have a pay in a system where you're not a registered staff. 

Prayer work is one of the great works in revival. The Church was praying daily. The apostles were praying in one accord. 

2- Soul Winning Work

Preach the gospel. Whenever you get on the go, God puts you in command of signs and wonders. Get on the go and you'll be in command of signs and wonders. 

Prayer work and soul winning work is everybody's business. 

John 15:16

Every branch has a responsibility to bring forth fruits. Thank You Jesus.

3- Follow up work.

Luke 15:4-7

You're a helper of the helpless in a revival. You're helping to see to the well being of the brethren. Your work shall be rewarded. Remember God who sees your prayer labour in secret, He will reward you openly. 

The Lord gave me some light that I shared in the morning, it is the answers you generate from prayer that is rewarded. It is the harvest you bring in that qualifies you for reward. So you have to pray the prayer that must be answered so your open reward can attend to you. Lord save his soul, Lord reach out to this man. 

You pray to get results and as you get results you get open rewards. 

Luke 19:3

God does not reward efforts, he rewards results. Don't go to the prayer altar without determination, you won't get answers. God is not a joker. You're not trying to get something done, it must be done.

Please note, God does not reward efforts made, He rewards only results obtained. You're a soul winner, how many times you went out is irrelevant. What did you come back with as harvest? He that reapeth not he that attempted to reap. We bring them to Church for their security, for their preservation, for answers to their possessions. Thank You Lord.

It's time we connect at our various levels. Only those who engage in revival become partakers of the glory. Church Gist.You have to engage to become a partaker thereof. 

The revival like we have said again and again is a season of the rise of giants in the body of Christ. Every faithfully, diligently, sacrificially engaging believer ends up with a dramatic change of story that cannot be denied. Church Gist.You just turn to a little wonder among men. It's a season of the rise of giants in the body of Christ. 

Jeremiah 30:19-21

He changes the story of those who are out engaging in revival. We won't need much story about that in this Church. It's clear. Humbling testimonies. Don't misinterpret them. They're the raw acts of God to those who are engaging their hearts. Subscribe to the demands of a revival.

God won't stop until you stop. Never stopped. Paul remained relevant through his life and after death. 

- You will finish strong.

That's the fire I want you to catch in this place today, the fire of steadfastness. The fire of continuity, the fire of oriented engagement, the fire that won't let go till you get results. Thank You Jesus. 

What is a revival?

A revival is a spiritual platform for the outbreak of signs and wonders among God's people. Things that ears have never heard or eyes see.

Acts 9:32-35

The man Aeneas was made whole and two towns surrendered to the Lord. Signs and wonders erupted. Outbreak of signs and wonders, they're the order of the day in a revival. As long as you remain in a revival, signs and wonders become the order of the day in your life. 

The secret behind the signs is the anointing. "Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit and His fame broke out to all the region roundabout". 

- My prayer is that each one here will step into next levels of anointing is their lives. 

Ezekiel 47:1-5

There is a school of power in the Kingdom. We need grace to be effective in our partnership with Him from season to season.

- Your crown another man will not take.

Let me show us what virtues guarantee rewards in revival and will help you to position for becoming a partaker of the glory of this wave. Every revival is a wave of glory for the people of God that will turn them to an attraction in the places where there have been mockery.

- Somebody's story is changing.

What is it that guarantees returns or rewards in a revival?

Our engagement must be love motivated. If your motivation is on returns you will soon be tired but if your engagement is love motivated, sir it keeps driving you in season and out of season. 

Now let's watch what love does.

Solomon 8:6-7

Challenges of life will come and bounce out. They don't move your standing with God. Amen.

The anchor for sustainable, tireless, diligent, dedicated stewardship. Its the anchor that no wave of the sea can drift. It keeps you constant in your work with God. 

Somebody asked me, "Do you ever have problems? I said "Maybe it came, I didn't know". There is something that is driving my life that care stronger than those things you're considering as problems and yet they all get solved. 

1st Corinthians 13:1-8

There are stories I will keep for other times. When one is in love, he serves willingly and joyfully. He serves tirelessly. He's life is anchored by that immovable virtue called love.

Romans 8:35-38

Jesus was in four gospels, Paul was in all the remaining gospels. What shall seperate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus? Some of the things you read in papers, I don't even hear. I'm dead to those things, they're not issues. I'm seeking to please one only to whom I'm only answerable. What shall separate us?

Love is what puts you perpetually in command of the Supernatural. Jesus loves the lost. The Father loves the lost so much that He gave His son. The son loves the lost so much He gave His life. When I win the heart of God I begin to make strange marks on the earth. Somebody is about to go to hell, rescue him, somebody is about to commit suicide rescue him. It's a rescue mission.

If the the Father so loved the world that He gave His son, the son so loved the world he gave His life where is the proof that you say you love God if you don't love what He loves most? Where is the love of God in you?

- May this fire of love begin to burn afresh in the heart of every one of us in a new and living way in the name of Jesus.

So this is how love empowers us to keep engaging profitably with the demands of revival. It keeps you winning, it keeps you cheerful. Never sees it as as a burden but as a privilege and no situation gets you down because love is as strong as death. Many waters can't quench it, the flood can't drown it. Obeying God is a delight. 

Many people are in ministry today because you know in ministry you collect offering. Can I tell you this? We never took offering in our fellowship days, 1981, 1982, 1983. Church Gist. The heart for people to find their footing in Christ. Most of these Churches have never given tithes in their lives. No passion, is that ministry? 

Everybody in this Church has a Covenant right to replicate the grace of God upon this Commission. When you're on a flight, whatever they serve in that flight is your right. You may say I don't want, that's you. It's your right to take it. It's your right to call for many things as you want. 

So if you're truly onboard on this flight, the only authentic proof is that what is served here is made manifest in your life. 

- God is changing stories here, yours is the next.

- God is giving a new identity, you're the next on the line. 

There are people on this campus who don't know anything is going on here. They live on this ground. They're looking for who to blame. They didn't wake up on time, it's the devil, you overslept, you went late to work, they sacked you, it's the devil. You didn't go to bath, it's the devil, you didn't wear your clothe, it's the devil. If the devil is that powerful how did he allow you to eat? So where is the devil that won't let you obey God? It's your choice. 

- May you make the right choice today. 

I can tell you multitudes in this Church are on key with the hope of God as a lifestyle. They're just engaging in the secret and God is rewarding them openly. 

- You're the next in line. 

Lift up your right hand to Heaven and pray a revival prayer to plug into this wave. You have gone around that mountain long enough. Everybody is testifying, you must testify. God is changing the story of many, He will change your story in Jesus precious name we have prayed.

When you bring a soul you bring life everlasting. The gap is wide. You're reaping life. You sow in the flesh, you'll reap carnal things. You sow in the spirit to secure spiritual results, you'll reap life everlasting. The gap is wide.

God does not reward everybody. He is a rewarder of them that diligently not casually seek Him. 

Hebrews 11:6

You might be in a team but you get results one by one. You don't get paid in groups, you get paid as individuals. 

Don't take cover under a crowd. God is marking each ones sheets differently. There is no respecter of persons. Don't hide under title. There's no entitlement in it. Don't hide under calling, it doesn't change people's story. Diligently serve Him. Take it as a Kingdom business. You serve Him diligently, He rewards you openly. You serve Him sacrificially, He supernaturally rewards you. 

- You're changing levels finally.

Lift up your two hands. Grace never to be casual in my engagement, I receive it, grace to engage diligently on the prayer altar, engaging diligently on the pursuit of souls, engaging diligently on the follow up of converts, engaging diligently to people that are in need around me. Church Gist. Lord help me to engage diligently from henceforth in my stewardship. Help me to engage sacrificially from henceforth in my stewardship. So shall it be. Thank You Father in Jesus precious name we have prayed.

Give the Lord a big hand of praise.


#MidweekCommunionService16 June 2021