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THE LION & THE LAMB'S NATURE (Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche's Life!)


THE LION & THE LAMB'S NATURE (Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche's Life!)

Learning From Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche's Life!

Whenever He Goes Through The Church Premises And Sees Any Dirty  Or A Trash On The Ground, He Pick It Up Not Minding Any Church Member Who Saw The Trash And Do Nothing About It..He Will Not Even Call Anybody To Come And Pick The Trash, He Do The Picking Himself. Most Time People tried To Intercept Or To Interrupt Him Whenever They Notice What He Was Doing, They Will Try To Take The Trash From Him, He Simply Tell Them NO, Go Pick Your Own...

(After all, they saw the trash in the first place and do nothing about it)

This Minute, You See Him Roaring Like A Lion Against Forces Of Darkness And Oppression Of The Devil..

The Next Minute, You See Him Crying And Weeping Before The Lord In Worship..

When He Sees Someone Who Has Passed Through Pains And Troubles, He Cries And Weeps, He Is Compassionate.

Humility And Ruggedity Personified..

When It Comes To Evangelism, He Looks For Every Opportunity To Win Souls For Christ, Doing Crusade Here And There, Preaching On The Road Side And Everywhere Opportunity Present Itself. He Can Never Preach Any Message Without Making An Altar Call..

He Publicly And Regularly Make Reference And Reverence His Spiritual Father, Bishop David Oyedepo..He Is Doggedly Following His Father Without Minding Anybody's Opinion..

He So Much Believe In Teaching And Imparting People His Principles And Secrets Without Any Reservation..

He Is A Multi Dimensional Talented And Potentials Maximizer:

He Is A Postor

An Apostle

An Evangelist

A Prophet

A Teacher

A Gospel Singer

A Crusader


Great Dancer

A Writer And More..

He Is A Man Of Deep Insight, Light And Revelation Of The Word Of God.

A Revivalist..

He Preaches All Round Message That Handles The Soul, Spirit And Body, Preaches Righteousness And Holiness In Almost Every Message, The Subject Or Topic Not Withstanding!

He Once Said " I am not a pastor of Nonentity'

He Believes Believers Should Be In The Hem Of Affairs Of Life And Be In Charge, For The Sake Of The Gospel, Commanding Resources For Crusades And For Kingdom Expansion...

He Is The Founder Of Dunamis Church, Dunamis Which Is A Greek Word That Stands For Power, A Power Source With The Ability To Reproduce Without Reduction In The Quantity And The Quality Of The Power Generated.

His Vision Is To See Lives, Destinies And Dignities Restored Back To Original Plans God Intends For Them. 

He Has This Believe, That No Matter How Battered, Shattered Or Scattered A Life Or A Destiny Is, The Power Of God Can Gather Back Such Life. And That No Matter How Ruptured Or Punctured And Life Is, The Power Of God Can Suture Such Life Back.

Looking At Him You Will See:



He Is An Addicted Learner..

When Bishop David Oyedepo Was To Introduce Him During The Hour Of Visitation, Shiloh 2020 He Made The Following Satement About Him..

He said, “This morning, one of my beloveth son will be coming up here to bring the second word in this Hour of Visitation.

“I saw in him an addicted learner, I saw in him someone with sense of value for grace.

“It is sense of value that determines flows of value or virtue. We need a sense of value to assess the flow of value or virtue.

“I’m glad to see the grace of God actively operating in his life with impact. I am blessed to call him my son in the gospel and his wife (Becky) my daughter in the gospel.”

May We Be Humble Enough To Learn From Those Ahead Of Us..

In Journey Of Impact And Greatness, May We Also Receive The Grace To Pay The Price In Jesus Name! 

Written By: Evangelist Isaac O. Sunday