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Basketmouth blows hot after being compared with a Dog

Basketmouth blows hot after being compared with a Dog

Bright Okpocha popularly known as Basketmouth has reacted to the viral meme of him being compared with a dog.

A Twitter user had shared a photo of a dog which shares a striking resemblance with the ace comedian.

The facial expression of the dog caught the attention of many has they compared it with the comedian.

Reacting to it, Basketmouth reshared the photos on his Instagram and Twitter page as he avowed that his haters are at it again.

Basketmouth laidcurses on the creator of the meme as he prayed for him not to find peace.

Though joking, Basketmouth vowed to come for him

He tweeted, “The hater that did this will not find peace..I’m coming for you, lemme find fuel 1st… max 2 months. You’re mine”.

Taking to his Instagram page, Basketmouth revealed that most people did not know that music was his first love before acting and comedy, but he decided to do it backwards.

According to Basketmouth, he could not go into music as the timing was not suitable for him, and he had not met a producer that could see music the way he saw it.

Basketmouth blows hot